About Tenantme.com

Tenantme.com is an online letting company working within the corporate and residential sector.

We have an excellent client base looking to move in local areas.

Our personal reprehensive looking after our clients, because we understand and know how stressful moving to a new home is. We have clients from bankers, brokers to NHS doctors who work unsociable hours and they require our support.

We have a customer care team who caters to clients needs, as the rental market is getting harder and tenants are always paying the price.

We have an exclusive client list which "discretion" is key, as they are high profiled individual who’s looking to rent within London for short and long term.

Due to the demand of rental market, properties with us go every quickly and we achieve the highest rent due to the organic marketing that we do in house.

Our portfolio has grown extremely fast due to the military focus on tenant care and services we provide. We look after our clients because they look after the portfolio we manage every day of the week.

We believe clients pay more if the property is at the right location and a property that they call “home sweet home”.

We ask our entire prospect landlord / landladies and property developers the following questions

  • Do you want excellent cliental?
  • Do you want your investment to be protected?
  • Do you want well vetted clients who will have the correct documentations?
  • Do you want someone who you can trust?


If yes, then Tenantme.com is the choice for you, as we have dedicated account managers to tailor our services to meet your needs and meet your expectations.

Tenantme.com was created and designed to offer a faster, stress free service.

Our mission helps us to understand how to put this in to practice.

Our guidance starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

  • To become a branded name within every house hold
  • To treat every client as we would like to be treated at all times
  • To provide a secure home

Our Value and purpose

Purpose is to deliver excellent services to


We respect and value all parties and every contribution to do business

  1. To build trust within the local society and partners we work with
  2. To seek out prospective and put our clients’ interest ahead of any individual and team.
  3. To increase diversity with our company

We act fairly, ethically and openly in all we do.

  1. Act in public as we do in public
  2. Honor our commitments
  3. Be accountable for failures as well as success and not blame others.

We put our clients and consumers at the heart of what we do.

  1. Take time to understand the needs and listen to what they have to say.
  2. Be a faster letting service
  3. Always strive to surpass all clients’ expectations.

We use all our experience, industry knowledge and resources to sustain the very best results.

  1. We will deliver result in both teams and in our individual performance
  2. We have a platform to attract the very best people who share values.
  3. We aim for 100% in everything we do and learn from our mistakes.

We are dedicated, driven and motivated to leave thing better than we found them.

  1. Pioneers innovative  and better ways of doing things
  2. Maintain and enhance our reputation throughout all industry
  3. Value sustainable achievements as well as quick results.